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What do sex and studying have in common? Well personally, we've done a lot of both.  The fact is that most people are thinking about sex or having sex, but not talking about it. Whatever your views, we've seen people from all walks of life, from politicians to porn stars, having to deal with judgment about who they are and their level of competence because of their sexual desires and practices.

We are here to literally (and metaphorically) fuck this issue.

Nicoletta is an MFT Intern (sexologist), and Simone is an actor and activist, and they both like SEX . . . or at least talking about it.  Lean into your desires and flex those brains, cocks, and kegels as these slutty scholars take on America!

May 25, 2017

Nicoletta and Simone talk about all things queerness with their friend Ava. Included: a fisting how-to!

‘I came out as bi at Thanksgiving. I screamed it out during dinner.”

this has great definitions of trans*/cissexism, and a non binary - and some other stuff we spoke about on the podcast

For folks interested in what it means to identify as femme when in the queer community, this is an amazing article about Femme identity.

great article about fisting/international fisting day

Ava finds when providing definitions on queer/transgender/non binary identities is good to provide two or more, that way someone who is learning for the first time as two resources, and if one definition falls short another can pick back up. So enjoy! 

Do your homework!

the Genderbread Person:


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