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Sluts & Scholars is one of Cosmopolitan's "Hot Podcasts to Listen To." Nicoletta Heidegger is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#110256) and Sexologist. She chats with folks from across sexuality, kink, and professional spectrums about desire, pleasure, shame, stigma and (of course) bodily functions. 

Combining irreverence and expertise, on the docket is anything remotely related to sexual, reproductive and bodily autonomy; from the indigenous menstrual practices of the Hupa Valley tribe, to beauty confidence advice from Dita von Teese,  anal sex pro tips from Jessica Drake, and Cyberstalking with Amber Heard. Join these slutty scholars as they help to make your sex smarter, and your smarts sexier. 

Nov 21, 2019

You may have heard Simone beaming in a few episodes about her amazing experience with the Lioness at an event called Mothership (where she proudly won “Vag of Steel”). Now, Sluts and Scholars proudly welcomes creator of the Lioness: Liz Klinger. They talk about women in sex tech, measuring orgasms and pleasure, and different types of pelvic contractions. Random fact: neon bending is just what it sounds like. 

This episode is sponsored by Dipsea. Tune in for a discount code!