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Sluts & Scholars is one of Cosmopolitan's "Hot Podcasts to Listen To." Nicoletta Heidegger is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#110256) and Sexologist. She chats with folks from across sexuality, kink, and professional spectrums about desire, pleasure, shame, stigma and (of course) bodily functions. 

Combining irreverence and expertise, on the docket is anything remotely related to sexual, reproductive and bodily autonomy; from the indigenous menstrual practices of the Hupa Valley tribe, to beauty confidence advice from Dita von Teese,  anal sex pro tips from Jessica Drake, and Cyberstalking with Amber Heard. Join these slutty scholars as they help to make your sex smarter, and your smarts sexier. 

Feb 24, 2022

Bex Caputo is a sex educator, blogger, speaker, podcaster, and professional pervert. We talk about how to get more comfortable and confident with sexting, “dirty” talk, and erotica.



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Feb 17, 2022

Goddexx Daphne (They/She/Daddy) is a Pro Dominatrix and FemDom clip creator in Portland, Oregon. As a queer Domme, Daphne enjoys embodying the role of a Femme Daddy and playing with submissives, or subs, of all genders. We talk about Daddy culture, different types of consensual non-consent (including something called...

Feb 11, 2022

Challenging the status quo of the media, medical field, and internal belief systems about the identities of those living with a sexually transmitted infection, Courtney and his organization Something Positive for Positive People are bringing awareness to the interconnectedness of mental health and sexual health. We...

Feb 3, 2022

Welcome back to a new season! This episode focuses on surrogate partner therapy, sexological body work, and somatic sex coaching.  


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